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Visit our Gift Shop and find a great variety of Himalayan Salt Lamps, Himalayan Shot Glasses, locally made Jewelry, Aromatherapy Products, and more!

SamyStyles Jewelry

SamyStyles jewelry is made using 925 Silver Filled Wire & Ear Wires. The silver is bonded to the core metal (brass, which is made of copper and zinc, and does NOT contain nickel), by using heat and pressure, and does not flake off the way a plating might. The sterling silver layer is hundreds of times thicker than a sliver plating, and consist of real 925 silver, vs a “silver colored” plate. *MOST people with very sensitive skin are able to wear silver filled jewelry with no problem.

Girls Day Out

Girls Day Out began in 2002 when designer and artist, Amy Bauer, began hand crafting fun unique accessories for her two daughters. Since early childhood, Amy has dabbled in the world of design on many levels. Having children of her own allows her to keep her focus on the fashion forward girls in our lives, both big and little. Over the years her business has grown and taken many new directions. Her designs have been sought after around the globe.
Using only the finest materials, each piece is made by hand, one at a time, in her home studio in Culpeper VA. You can be assured each piece delivers insurpassable quality and style.

Turkish towels

All Turkish towels are highly absorbent and fast drying. They are truly multi-use items- worn as scarves, shawls and sarongs; used as table cloths, picnic blankets, tapestries or throws. Perfectly packable for travel; excellent for the beach and pool; staples for home linens. All varieties here are hand loomed.
Please note; cold water wash, no bleach or softeners. Hang dry.
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