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Halotherapy (Salt Therapy) is an all natural, drug free, holistic therapy that is known to ease the symptoms of: asthma, seasonal allergies, COPD, eczema, acne, psoriasis, and a lot more.

Come relax in our Salt Room!

Private Salt Room Upgrade

DECEMBER ONLY: schedule a seasonal treatment for this month and receive a complimentary salt therapy session!

Enhance your treatment with the health benefits of Halotherapy! Reserve a 45-min Salt Therapy Session before / after your treatment or ask if you can upgrade the service to be in the Salt Room. 




Every massage is custom to your body and we offer a large variety of services! Come relax with a nice swedish massage or checkout some of our specialty massages.

You can reserve Couple's Massages!


Each facial is prepared specifically for your skin type and our licensed esthetician will consult with you before the treatment to determine any sensitivies or conerns.

LED Light Therapy now available!

Salt Therapy

Decompress, unwind, and get ready to feel amazing! Our Salt Room is fitted with 6 relaxing lounge chairs - bring a book, a bottle of wine, or take a nap.

P.S. we have comfy blankets!

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Our Salt Room is designed to mimic the environment of a natural salt cave so all of the walls are lined with Himalayan salt, which emit negative ions that can help reduce stress, anxiety, and depression!

These ions counteract overstimulation caused by electrical pollution. While one Himalayan salt lamp releases low levels of ions, a fully lined room creates a high level of neutral energy known to relax your mind and body.

The standard session is 45 minutes, but we offer a 20 minute option just in case you can’t stay for too long; the shorter session has a higher concentration of salt in the air.

Private Session: $30 / person or $20 add-on to service

You can also reserve the Salt Room for a Private Group Event for your choice of 45 minutes to 2 hours! See our events page for more details

Our halogenerator grinds up Himalayan salt into fine particles that fill up the air in the room. When you breathe in these tiny particles, all of the toxins and mucus that build up inside your body adhere to the salt, and then your body flushes it out drink plenty of water!

Breathing in the dry salt aerosol is said to foster good sleep, alleviate symptoms of allergies and asthma, relieve hypertension and stress, and even cure hangovers. However, we make no official medical claims, we are just believers and rely on what we have learned and heard.*

Our Salt Room is fitted with six, incredibly comfy lounge chairs, that each have matching ottomans. Feel free to wrap up in our luxuriously, soft blankets since we keep it at a cool 68 degrees.

We always recommend relaxing, but if you’re not the napping type, then here are a few ideas:

  • Read a book
  • Meditate
  • Bring your friends
  • Drink champagne
  • Pack a snack
  • Get a massage
  • Listen to the spa music
  • Yoga (mats available)
  • BioMat session

Breathe Better

Salt Therapy can ease the symptoms of: asthma, allergies, bronchitis, pneumonia, cystic fibrosis, COPD, chronic/temporary respiratory tract infections, common cold and flu.

Feel Better

Negative ions released by the Himalayan salt crystals, promote: brain chemistry changes that help improve your mood, relieve tension and stress, decrease fatigue, boost your energy, increase concentration, and improve sleeping.

Look Better

Halotherapy helps improve the look of the skin affected by: eczema, psoriasis, rashes, hives, dermatitis, acne, and rosacea. It is also known to help your skin heal after cosmetic surgery and cellulite reduction treatments.

Art classes

Relax in the Salt Room while an instructor guides you through simple, yet beautiful, art techniques to create your own pieces of art while enjoying all of the benefits of Salt Therapy!

Seasonal Treatment

Schedule a seasonal treatment for December and receive a complimentary Salt Therapy Session! Learn more about the wonderful benefits of Peppermint and why it’s in the spotlight for this seasonal special… Don’t forget to check out our bath salts and more now available in the spa.

Peppermint Sugar Cane Scrub & Wrap

$160 / 60-min

This seasonal treatment will leave your skin feeling refreshed and glowing; with the added benefits of Peppermint and other botanical & natural ingredients! 

Peppermint has long been used to invigorate the skin, bringing blood and lymph to the surface while also acting as a cooling agent for inflamed and tired muscles and joints. Vanilla is a strong anti-oxidant and is warming in nature, soothing areas with a lack of circulation. The organic cane sugar will act as a natural exfoliant, while feeding hungry and tired skin cells; this will help lead to brighter, happier, and smoother skin.

Once the body has been exfoliated, a hydrating and skin toning jelly mask will be applied and left on while the body works to detox and repair with the help of one of our FAR-infrared Crystal BioMats. The BioMat adds to the detoxifying effects of the scrub & wrap, while emitting Negative Ions to help induce relaxation through serotonin and dopamine release.

Seasonal Full Body Facial = $210 | 75 min

Halo signature treatments

Start your session with a private consultation with our Esthetician to determine your skincare needs.

Our licensed Esthetician specializes in a wide variety of services, including: custom, tandem, and full body facials, full body scrubs and wraps, as well as targeted cupping treatments on body and face, acupressure and Gua Sha facial treatments and reflexology. 


Learn more about our most luxurious facials; the ultimate spa experience…

Nordic Spa Facial For Men: This facial was created for the gentleman in your life. During this facial, all the customization to your skin care needs is used, but the ingredients are different. 

We will be using the woodsy aromas of Cedar, Spruces, and Fir as well as citrus and spices. A beard treatment is included during this facial as well. The beard will be cleansed, and then have a beard oil made to moisturize and tame even the wildest of beards. Steam will be applied to the face after the beard oil and face massage has finished. This will help the skin and beard to absorb as much of the botanical compounds as possible. 

The facial will finish with one of our whipped facial balms, toner, and a cooling Onyx stone massage. The Cooling Onyx stone massage helps to cool the skin, minimize pores, and aid in deep absorption of the moisturizer.

Nordic Spa Facial For Men: 60 minutes | $130

Mommy-To-Be Facial: 60 minutes | $130

(Post First Trimester)

This facial was created with the Mommy’s-to-be in mind! The skin care used was formulated to nourish the skin from all the changes during pregnancy; many women experience skin changes and don’t exactly know how to target and calm such changes. Each product is infused with the calming, powerful, nurturing nature of floral botanicals from both Western and Eastern herbs and flowers. 

While you are relaxing with a floral infused mask under steam, a botanical infused butter made with cocoa and shea butter, as well as meadow foam oil & other luxurious oils will be used over the belly to nourish the skin and protect it during its own changes. All while this is happening, enjoy a hydrating and exfoliating hand and foot paraffin wax treatment followed by a hot towel treatment. 


  • changes causing stretch marks
  • dehydrated, dry, and itchy skin
  • tired, aching, dry hands/feet
  • anyone experiencing skin changes (butterfly mask, acne, lack-luster skin)
  • new mothers that are still experiencing skin changes. 

Neon Glow Facial: 90 minutes | $255

Perfect for that troublesome acne! Through the use of a High Frequency Machine (HFM), using compressed Neon, the esthetician is able to safely zap away the breakouts. When Neon is used with a High Frequency Machine, the electricity creates an ozone barrier on the skin, leading to the elimination of acne on and underneath the epidermis. The ozone barrier also helps to facilitate the serum to penetrate deeper into the skin, leaving it with a brighter, natural glow.

During this facial you will have the expected pre-cleanse, cleanse, exfoliation, herbal infused serum facial massage, and steam with an herbal infused mask. After the steaming has finished, the High Frequency machine will be used overtop the excess serum, to really ensure that your skin takes on as much of it as possible. Following the HFM you will then be placed under our LED Light Therapy machine, the colour(s) chosen will be up to the esthetician to help compliment your skin type. This last piece helps to finish off the nourishing effects of the steam mask and HFM. This will then be finished off with one of our signature moisturizers, and a cooling Hibiscus Chill Toner (or other toner depending on skin care needs).

HFM is also good for:
• Fine lines and wrinkles
• Sagging skin
• Enlarged pores
• Puffy eyes
• And more!

The High Frequency Machine can be added to any of our facials for an additional $45. If added to an express facial, the steam portion will be shortened, due to the time needed for the HFM. This is also a perfect add on to our back treatments, especially if you suffer from acne there

Aloe & Allergy Relief Facial: $145 | 60-min

This facial was made for those that suffer from seasonal allergies, tired & strained eyes, inflammation and congestion! It begins with the “fire” side, including an invigorating face massage, hot towels and steamer (aromatherapy can be added here) to bring blood and lymph closer to the surface to nourish the skin, while opening the pores to allow them to absorb as much of the masque as possible. This is then followed by an aloe and serum face mask. While this “ice” mask is infusing and working to decrease the amount of inflammation and heat in the skin, a face massage using cold therapy tools will be used. This combination has been known to help with itchy eyes from allergies, dark circles under the eyes, stressed and tired eyes from being at the computer/tv for too long, and much more. 

Oxygen Tea Facial: During this 90-min treatment, you will get everything included in the Signature Facial, LED Light Therapy, and the incorporation of our Oxygen Hydration Machine. This machine takes oxygen in the air (which is around 20%) and compresses it to be around 95%. It is then mixed with a serum* formulated by our Licensed Esthetician and Certified Herbalist to fit your exact skin care needs. Alone, the machine adds deep penetrating hydration, collagen activation, and blemish control. Mixed with the serum formulated just for you, this can be used to help alleviate all kinds of skin care concerns, including: acne, acne-scaring, dull skin, fine lines & wrinkles, plus much more. The oxygen forms an ozone barrier over the skin, allowing for the pores to open and absorb the serum deep into the epidermis, as well as fight bacteria, viruses, and oxidants on/in the skin. 

After the serum has been applied, you will relax under the 7 LED Facial Dome which will be attuned to the color therapy your skin needs; each color of light has a different wave length. We already know from Far Infrared and UV (A) & (B) that different wavelengths cause our melanin and cells to react differently. Depending on the light, this machine can help boost the effects of the serum by fighting acne, boosting collagen, reducing inflammation, improving signs of aging, and much more.

*when booking this facial, please let them know (leave a note in online booking) any skincare concerns so that our Esthetician can begin formulating your serum. Any and all information is helpful!

90 minutes | $265

This is the perfect treatment to add-on a hot oil scalp massage or foot massage / scrub while you relax under the LED Light Therapy!

  • Hot Oil Scalp Massage: $25
  • Foot Massage / Reflexology: $25
  • Exfoliating Foot Scrub: $20
Explore the different types of



$5 initiation fee

Do you find yourself needing to escape from the outside world? Treat yourself with a complimentary Salt Therapy Session and discounted massages / facials at least once a month… you deserve it!

plant, succulent, potted-2004483.jpg

$35 / month


$95 / 3 months


$360 / 12 months



  • Free choice of: Salt Therapy or BioMat Session every month
  • 10% off massages + facials
  • 15% off products
  • Book (2) 60-90 min massages & enjoy a complimentary 30 min upgrade on your 3rd massage

Complimentary Enhancements:

  • Access to luxury robes and slippers
  • Body butter infused with your choice of essential oils
  • Heated rice packs & neck pillows
  • Luxury blankets in Salt Room



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Jessica BurenJessica Buren
15:25 27 May 22
My mom and I did a 60 minute massage and the reflexology. It was an amazing experience! The spa was beautiful, every employee was super friendly/helpful, and the massages were some of the best we’ve ever had. The staff was also very accommodating. We’re from out of town but any time we are out this way we’ll be stopping here for another massage!
Ann ComanAnn Coman
01:22 23 May 22
I adore this place. The ambiance, the menu of services, the quality of staff and service providers is all absolutely superb.
Gabriel BarghachieGabriel Barghachie
02:50 15 Apr 22
This place is really amazing! I have been here myself but most recently set my lady up with a little massage day. She loved it and the person that got me all signed up was super helpful. I'm happy to have been able to support them again.
Michelle LongMichelle Long
23:27 10 Jan 22
My boyfriend and I had a wonderful time here. We booked couples massages and due to an emergency with one of the therapists, the massages had to be 60 minutes instead of 90. The spa made up for it by booking us other services to make up the time. They were incredibly nice even though this was not their fault. They showed that they truly care about their customers! Would definitely come back.
Melissa DuquetteMelissa Duquette
00:26 06 Dec 21
My mom treated me to a spa day for my birthday. Had a 1 hour deep tissue massage with Sophie, and it was perfect. I had an infrared sauna session and then relaxed in the salt room. The staff was very professional and polite. They have complimentary water, tea and hot chocolate available. The atmosphere was very relaxing with soft lighting, relaxing music. Highly recommend.


Safety Procedures: Masks are not required in the lobby; however, it is up to your therapist’s discretion if they’d prefer that you wear a mask during the treatment; masks are available and you may request your therapist to wear a face covering.

Parking: We are conveniently located on the historic downtown mall, near Water Street Garage & Market Street Garage.

Cancellation Policy: Same day cancellations will result in a 50% fee and unconfirmed cancellations will result in a 100% service charge to your payment on file. Any cancellations must be confirmed 24 hours before the scheduled appointment time to avoid charges.


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