5 Animal Frolic | Qi Gong

These movements are based on drawings and knowledge that were created by Hua Tuo, a physician of the Three Kingdom Period, during the years 220-280. He created these to use physical movement, breathing, and meditation to ensure health-preservation.

The five animals that are mimicked for various health benefits are the Bear, Tiger, Crane, Monkey, and Deer. He later went on to say, “It is advisable to do exercise, but not to go to extremes (excess sweating). The movement ensures good digestion of food and promotes blood circulation to guard against diseases. This is like a door hinge that never rusts.” His student, Wu Pu, accounts for these “Frolics” as the reason he lived free of deafness, and presbyopia, along with ensuring he had perfect teeth and a good appetite; also, Wu Pu believed it was why he was able to live over 90 years old.

Over the generations and centuries, other masters have altered and changed these forms and movements in their belief to strengthen and enhance their effects.

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