Come relax in our Salt Room, decompress in our Sauna, or take a nap on our BioMat!

Infrared Sauna

can detoxify your body, enhance your immune system, and improve cardiovascular health.

Salt Therapy

can ease the symptoms of asthma, allergies, and psoriasis. Plus a lot more!


can reduce stress and anxiety, ease inflammation and joint pain, and improve sleep patterns.


Consult with your therapist to create a personalized Swedish or Deep Tissue Massage that targets your specific concerns!

30 min / $55

60 min / $95

90 min / $125


 Learn about the different types of massage and which might be right for you!

60 minutes / $95 

90 minutes / $125

Designed to promote relaxation by releasing muscle tension, Swedish Massage a great option if you’re looking to relax, increase blood flow and lymph drainage, and stimulate nerve endings. 

This massage is perfect after a long week at the office or after an exam to put your body and mind at ease!

60 minutes / $95          90 minutes / $125

Deep Tissue Massage uses many of the same techniques as Swedish Massage, but far more pressure and it is intended for a different purpose. 

This style is best suited for:

  • athletes
  • runners
  • chronic pain

This technique is used to break up scar tissue and physically break down muscle “knots” or adhesions (bands of painful, rigid tissue) that can disrupt circulation and cause pain, limited range of motion, and inflammation

60 minutes / $95

90 minutes / $125

Designed to very carefully relieve aches and pains in a safe and relaxing way for both you and your baby (or babies!)

Therapeutic massage has been used for centuries to improve overall health, reduce stress, and relieve muscle tension. Research shows prenatal massage therapy can help reduce anxiety, decrease symptoms of depression, relieve muscle aches and joint pains, and improve labor outcomes and newborn health. Prenatal massage therapy addresses different needs through varying techniques, one of which is called Swedish Massage.

Swedish Massage aims to relax muscle tension and improve lymphatic and blood circulation through mild pressure applied to the muscle groups of the body. Swedish Massage is the recommended massage method during pregnancy because it addresses many common discomforts associated with the skeletal and circulatory changes brought on by hormone shifts. (American Pregnancy Association)

30 min (feet) / $55

45 min (hands & feet) / $75

Reflexology, also known as zone therapy, is a type of therapy that uses gentle pressure on specific points along your feet and hands to help you feel better. 

This technique can help reduce stress and anxiety, while also enhancing relaxation and sleep!

30 minutes / $55

45 minutes / $75

60 minutes / $95

Expect a very focused massage where your therapist will work on the upper surface of muscle tissue and work deeper and move to other areas only after body has responded.

Specifically good for those with painful issues like constant inflammation, chronic pain, and/or decreased mobility caused by trauma or posture problems. If suffering from sciatica, scoliosis, frozen shoulder or have a physically straining desk job, this massage can be incredibly effective in restoring mobility! 

30 minutes / $55

45 minutes / $75

60 minutes / $95

One of the most beneficial forms of massage for athletic injury rehabilitation as it can boost recovery time effectively, increase your range of motion, relieve pain associated with the healing process, and help you manage your overall well-being.

This massage therapy is also very effective in helping active athletes prevent injury. Myofascial and neuromuscular massage techniques are implemented. 

30 minutes / $55

45 minutes / $75

60 minutes / $95

A short, but effectively warming massage focuses on the areas you will work the hardest. Expect vigorous and quick paced strokes

30 minutes / $55

45 minutes / $75

60 minutes / $95

Great for the achy athlete following a workout. Soothes exerted muscles and brings relaxation to the areas you most need by flushing lactic acid and metabolic waste.

60 minutes / $105

90 minutes / $135

Anti-cellulite massages are designed to reduce cellulite over a period of continued therapy.

There are three types of cellulite:

  • Water-based cellulite – the most common form of cellulite caused by poor circulation, sitting for too long and not drinking enough water
  • Combination cellulite – comprised of a mixture of water-retaining cells and fat cells  
  • Fat-based cellulite – cellulite comprised of fat cells only

To treat all types of cellulite, therapists use a broad variety of techniques including pounding, circular motions and kneading. Skin-rolling (or palper-roulé), is another technique they’re likely to use – that’s the practice of pinching and rolling the skin to drain fluids out. They’ll work energetically to boost blood flow to the skin’s surface. 

Your therapist will need to adjust their levels of pressure depending on the type of cellulite they’re treating. For fat-based cellulite, the treatment may be slightly uncomfortable as practitioners really work to get blood to that area. Water-based and combination cellulite is easier to treat, and pressure is normally medium.  (Urban)

60 minutes / $105

90 minutes / $135

A therapy that enhances the body’s own healing abilities, CST in its essence involves gentle manipulations as the therapist both tests for restrictions and listens to the quality of the craniosacral rhythm, which the body regulates and maintains in order to feed and nurture our delicate nervous tissues.

The forces used are exceedingly light and although the focus is in and around the head and spinal column, the treatment may be applied anywhere on the body.

60 minutes / $105

90 minutes / $135

This therapy targets your muscles, tendons, and connective tissues in order to balance your central nervous system and relieve pain.

This relief is made possible by somewhat uncomfortable nerve radiation massage techniques that includes long holds and slow stroke movements. It is a nerve and muscle therapy that focuses on the nerve lines that connect our muscles to our brains, working to alleviate the pain that people are struggling to pinpoint.

Particularly recommended for those dealing with chronic pain. 

60 minutes / $105

90 minutes / $135

Designed to stimulate your lymphatic, circulatory, and immune systems (they are all connected) by very lightly massaging the network of tissues responsible for circulating and pumping excess or stagnant fluids.

However, because of this superficial stimulation, it is important to know that if your body is harboring something like a cold, this massage can bring it forth quicker and it is not uncommon to have slightly swollen glands a few days later.

This is particularly beneficial for elderly immune systems, those with decreased mobility, those who have had their lymph nodes removed, and people who sit in one place for long periods of time. 

60 minutes / $105 

90 minutes / $135

The use of various lengths and widths of heated bamboo to knead deeper and firmer then experience using only the hands.

It is a technique that is excellent for reaching knots and removing lactic acid and other tension-causing wastes. It can help improve lymphatic drainage, release endorphins and improve sleep.

60 minutes / $105

90 minutes / $135

Massaging pressure is applied along your body’s meridians in order to stimulate corresponding tensions.

30 minutes / $55

A targeted massage focused a specific area of your choice (i.e. neck, back, shoulders, arms, or legs). 

45 minutes / $60 (add foot scrub for $10)

Enjoy a 30 minute focused massage on your lower legs and feet in our Salt Room followed by 15 minutes of relaxation!

Salt Therapy included

Thinking about

adding something special to your massage?

Salt Therapy

Relax for 45 minutes in our Salt Room (before or after your massage)


Infrared Sauna

Decompress for 45 minutes in our Far Infrared Sauna (before or after your massage)


Amethyst BioMat

Relieve stress and improve circulation by laying on this heated mat during your massage


Heated Salt Stones

Your therapist will incorporate heated salt crystals into the massage (similar to hot stone massage)


Foot Scrub

Exfoliate dead skin cells by focusing 5 minutes on the feet during the massage


Scented Body Butter

Your choice of essential oils to be infused into your body butter, including: Lavender, Eucalyptus, Orange, and a lot more!


Halo signature treatments

Start your session with a private consultation with our Esthetician to determine your skincare needs.

Our licensed esthetician specializes in a wide variety of services, including: custom, tandem, and full body facials, full body scrubs and wraps, as well as targeted cupping treatments on body and face, acupressure and Gua Sha facial treatments and reflexology. 


Learn more about each of our facial treatments!

Halo Custom Facial: Start your session with a private consultation with our Esthetician to determine your skincare needs. Includes cleansing, exfoliating, facial massage with serum, a face mask, and a moisturizer. While the mask is working on the skin, enhancements can be added at the time of booking or during the service pending availability. (Facial enhancements include, but aren’t limited to: Express Reflexology, LED Colored Light Therapy, Acupressure Facial massage, Express Ayurvedic Herbal Poultice Facial Lymphatic massage, Ayurvedic Hot Oil Scalp Massage, and more.)

60 minutes, with 5 minutes added on for any enhancement that is not done during the mask treatment.


Ayurvedic Poultice Lymphatic Facial: This heavenly, herbal facial includes poultices filled with healing and therapeutic herbs and oils that are used to massage over the skin and muscles of the face and décolleté. The combination of a healing herbal poultice and gentle massage will help to stimulate the lymphatic system, allowing for the toxins sitting under the skin to be flushed out.

This treatment is good for acne prone skin, dull and lusterless skin, and overall health. Make sure to drink plenty of water before and after this treatment. Poultices are yours to keep, and can be taken home and used 3 more times. Poultices should be refrigerated or frozen when not in use.

60 minutes, with 5 minutes added on for any enhancement that is not done during the mask treatment.


Acupressure Facial: Your Esthetician will use techniques from Eastern medicine to address specific skin care needs. Skincare products made from Traditional Chinese Formulas will be used to address the Root and Branch of the concerns as well as acupressure massage over the points and meridians that are known to promote the change you are looking for.

This facial is great for anyone wanting to address skin care needs associated with aging skin, acne prone skin, or wanting to get ahead any concerns that you may have. 

60 minutes, with 5 minutes added on for any enhancement that is not done during the mask treatment. Our suggested enhancements for this treatment would be Cupping and Gua Sha. 


Tandem Facials: During this treatment, you and another can share the experience of getting a facial together. Relax in the same room while your Esthetician caters to both of you and your specific skincare goals. 

70 minutes, with 5 minutes added on for any enhancement that is not done during the mask treatment, or for any additional enhancements.

Only compatible with the Halo Custom Facial, but enhancements can be added to these.


Full Body Facial: This customizable treatment not only addresses the face, but the whole body. Here, we will begin with a Full Body Scrub, followed by the Full Body Hydrating Mask. While you are sitting with your wrap, the Halo Custom Facial will begin. 

70 minutes, with 5 minutes added on for any enhancement that is not done during the mask treatment, or for any additional enhancement


Back Facial: This treatment focuses on the skin of the back. A lot of dead skin and bacteria build up on the back. Many people have acne, black heads, or itchy skin on their back as a result. As with the Halo Custom Facial, your Esthetician will discuss your needs and develop a treatment specific to your skin type.

45 minutes:  $75


Learn more about each of our body treatments!

Sea Mineral Detox and Cellulite Scrub and Wrap: This wrap uses the natural elements of the sea to help detox the body and improve cellulite. Seaweed wraps help to tone, smooth, and detoxify the skin, while allowing the body to absorb the rejuvenating minerals and benefits of the seaweed. Infusing your skin with the added minerals from seaweed, such as zinc, magnesium, and copper, helps your body support a healthy immune system while maintaining balance in other systems of the body. 

60 min / $100

Himalayan Pink Salt Detox Scrub and Wrap: This wrap utilizes the natural minerals found in Himalayan Pink Salt to help detoxify the skin and body. While you are enjoying a warm wrap made of Solé water (Himalyan Pink Salt infused water) your body will absorb the 80+ trace minerals found in this ancient mineral. 

60 min / $100

Luxury Hydration Scrub and Wrap: This treatment begins with a lovely salt and sugar mix scrub to help jump start the Lymphatic system. While the sugar helps to brighten, hydrate, and enhance the skin’s luster, the scrub will help to buff away any dead skin. The wrap will be made custom to your skin’s needs using a blend of essential oils and ultra-hydrating body butter. You will leave with your skin feeling smooth, soft, and rejuvenated. This is perfect for any skin type in any season, and promotes healthy skin renewal. 

60 min / $100

(Custom blend of body butter can be made to take home for $8)

Skin Soothing Scrub and Wrap: In this scrub and wrap, a blend of essential oils and herbs are used to help soothe irritation and reduce inflammation of the skin. This treatment is amazing when followed by the therapeutic effects of the Salt Room, where the anti-inflammatory process will continue as you relax with a cup of your favorite hot tea.

60 min / $100

Immune Boost Scrub and Wrap: In this treatment, the knowledge of ancient Chinese Herbs is used to help boost and support the immune system. The herbs will be applied as a decoction to either clay or seaweed to help with detoxification. The scrub and unique blend of herbs will help to stimulate your lymphatic system, which is essential for immune defense and filtering out pathogens and unwanted foreign bodies. 

60 min / $100

Facial Enhancements + Additional Services: 

Checkout what you can add on to your service!

Ayurvedic Hot Oil Scalp Massage: This luxurious treatment is done while the mask is on the face. A blend of herbs and oils are applied down meridians on the head and massaged over acupressure points. Ayurvedic Hot Oil Scalp Massage is known to help calm the mind and spirit, hydrate the skin and hair, as well as stimulate and cleanse the hair follicles while encouraging hair growth.


Ayurvedic Herbal Poultice Enhancement: A custom blended herbal poultice will be used to massage in your facial serum. This practice has been used for hundreds of years in India, and the combination of massage and healing herbs helps to renew the skin and promote circulation. The poultices are yours to take home and can be used up to 3 more times. Poultices should be refrigerated or frozen when not in use. 


Collagen Herbal Face Mask: This mask is made using collagen and a custom herbal tea blend suited to your skin care needs. While the mask cools and hydrates, its collagen and herbal benefits are absorbed into the skin. You will be able to take this mask home to use 2-3 more times within 5-7 days. The mask must be refrigerated when not being used.  


Gua-Sha or Cupping: This uses the ancient techniques of Gua-Sha (Scraping) and Cupping to enhance the skin, and work on specific concerns such as aging skin, fine lines, wrinkles, and more. The cupping is not left in any one place, and is instead used to massage and lift the skin, causing the fascia to release and allowing the muscles to fall back into their natural position. Gua-Sha is used in breaking up the dead collagen that builds when fine lines and wrinkles are made. Benefits of this treatment are best seen over a period of at least 3 to 5 services, and can be added to any facial or body treatment. Both can be done during a single service as well, at an additional charge. 


Traditional Reflexology: Reflexology is the ancient art of stimulating the body’s many systems through targeted pressure on the foot. The belief is that the whole of the human body can be mapped out on the feet. Different conditions, meridian blockages and more can be found through tightness, irritation, and sensitivities found on the foot. If you would like a map of the foot and what was found during your session, let your esthetician know prior to treatment. 


*Enhancements may be added to your service at the time of booking, or at the time of the service pending availability.

Private Salt Room Massage

$100 flat fee in addition to total pricing of massages

Have you ever received a massage in a Salt Cave? Get ready to relax, unwind, and enjoy the benefits of Salt Therapy during your massage. (up to 4 massages side by side)


Safety Procedures: Masks are required. Please consult with your therapist during check in to see if they’d prefer you to wear a mask or not.

Parking: We are conveniently located on the historic downtown mall, near Water Street Garage & Market Street Garage.

Cancellation Policy: Same day cancellations will result in a 50% fee and no call / no show will result in a 100% service charge to your payment on file.


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