Planning a visit? Keep an eye out for these local artist’s custom pieces hanging up throughout the spa!

Sophia Spiegel


Rebecca Wolicki



Linda Rogers

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Artist + Website Design

Sophia Spiegel

Although Sophia shares a love for all types of art mediums and styles, her featured work focuses on mixed media and line art. 

Throughout the years, she’s gained experience with oil, acrylic, charcoal, ink, and ceramics! Her early years focused on landscapes and a portrait here and there, but recently she’s found herself a niche in the simplistic beauty of line art.

She recently became educated in website development and is responsible for our updated design!

For questions regarding custom artwork or website design: (email)


Rebecca Wolicki

Becca loves creating custom acrylic paintings that reflect imaginative landscapes.

The majority of her creations pull from nature based concepts which grant her the ability to be bold and playful with color.

Her background in architecture combined with engineering allows her to create individual pieces that are both technical as well as visually unique.

Throughout the years she has created numerous pieces both personal as well as commissioned. If you are interested in bringing a scene or concept to life, she would love the opportunity to chat with you and create lasting art.

For any questions please email her at: